Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The silent auction has begun! Come on down to Hive for the month of February and bid on some of these amazing gifts ~ we are raising money for a memorial bench for our friend Jamer!

The following items are up for auction this month at Hive

Reunion {rebel rebel} $75.00 towards Cheap Monday denim ~ Cheap Monday sunglasses and a Tee.

Bernstein and Gold ~ manicure and gift basket full of beauty products

Still Life ~ We are Superlative Conspiracy messenger bag, 2 T-shirts and Brixton hat

Suasion ~ designer candle and journal

Dance Victoria ~ 2 tickets to Alonzo King's ballet

Street Level ~

Clear Skin Victoria ~ facial

Sitka ~ Sitka brand mens jeans and button shirt

222 skateshop ~ bamboo deck and hoodie

Coastline ~ Coastline deck

Vrinda ~ beautiful painting

Empire Tattoo ~ T-shirt . $100 GC and print

Dustin Jak @ Pair O Dice ~ $150 GC

Noodle Box ~ $50.00 GC

Tapa bar ~ $50.00 GC

Market on Yates ~ $100 GC

Mole ~ $30.00 GC

Heart and Hands ~ 2 acupuncture treatments

Intigrated health centre ~ a 90 min service

Sparrow Spa ~ pedicure

Cold Comfort ~ three cartons gourmet ice cream

Art See ~ Etnia designer sunglasses made in Barcelona

Hathor Aphrodesia ~ love lotions

Painting ~ by Ishe

Natashia Meens ~ buddha photograph

Lifestyles Market ~ $100 gift basket


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